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Display Repair for MacBook Air – LCD Panel Replacement

  • Post published:January 21, 2021

Replacing the LCD panel is the most economical display repair option for your MacBook Air, since the rest of the display assembly can be reused. However, extracting the broken LCD and installing a new panel can be tricky. Here’s a video going through each of the steps involved in this process. If you’d like to have this repair done for your MacBook Air, click here.

Here is the video outlining the procedure on a 2017 A1466 MacBook Air. The steps are identical for all 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air models up to 2017, including A1369, A1370, A1465 and A1466.

There are numerous mistakes that can be made during this repair, here are the most common faults:

1) Damaging the diffuser

To unstick the LCD panel, a tool needs to be wedged in between, with little separation from the diffuser sheets. Coming into contact with the diffuser can easily scratch it, or alcohol can seep into the diffuser. Even finger oils can cause marks, so it is important not to touch the diffuser. Blemishes show up very easily when the display shows a light image.

2) Deforming the bezel

The bezel that lines the LCD can deform easily during removal, and while it can be bent back into shape, the deformation will show in the aluminum

3) Bad adhesive

Using too little, or bad quality adhesive can cause light to bleed out of the display, which can alter readings by the ALS (Ambient Light Sensor), can cause unwanted artifacts on the camera, or in some cases can cause the LCD to unstick over time.

4) Improper alignment

If the LCD is not precisely aligned to the frame, there will be uneven gaps between the outer edges of the LCD matrix and the inner edges of the bezel, which only become apparent after installing the bezel.

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