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Pilots WorldwidePilots Worldwide
07:14 15 Jul 24
I recently visited this shop where MacBook expertSam provided exceptional service. I brought in my early 2015 MacBook Pro with a damaged screen, which I had accidentally broken while cleaning. Sam was incredibly knowledgeable and kind, promptly addressing the issue. Not only did he expertly fix my screen, but he also took care of several minor issues at no extra cost, treating my Mac as if it were his own.Sam's professionalism and expertise are unparalleled. The shop boasts about 140 five-star reviews, with not a single dissatisfied customer, which speaks volumes about the quality of service provided. My experience mirrored these glowing reviews, confirming that Sam is indeed the best in his field. I didn't hesitate to choose this repair shop, and I am extremely satisfied with the outstanding service I received.
20:41 14 Jul 24
Had a "Flexgate" repair issue with my 2016 MacBook Pro. Stumbled across a YouTube video of a repair technique for the problem. I was super impressed with the technique and the quality of the soldering work by the individual in the YouTube video, so wishing there was someone in my area with that kind of talent that could do my repair. How lucky could I be when I noticed the YouTube video was produced out of Vancouver BC - a 3 hour drive from me! I made contact with Sam, who is the person who did the repair in the YouTube video. He was so gracious in making arrangements with me to immediately take my Mac in and do the repair if I were to drive up to his shop. I did, he did and everything came off without a hitch. Sam is my kind of perfectionist. He's very humble, talented down to earth and kind. It was my honor to meet him and I personally feel like I'm the lucky one to have been able to meet him, have him due my repair and be to be able to pay him for his excellent work. I can't thank him enough for the seamless way in which he made this happen and I would do the drive all over again, in a heartbeat, to work with someone of this character and quality of workmanship.
Aya DarwashAya Darwash
21:06 12 Jul 24
Fixed my computer up for wholesale price amazing service and fast turn around
Dean YangDean Yang
02:15 06 Jul 24
Came here to get an SSD upgrade for my M1 Macbook Air, only took a day to get the job done. Fast and friendly service, highly recommend.
Vu NgoVu Ngo
03:35 30 Jun 24
Please go straight to this place for your Mac problems even if you are covered by AppleCare, Sam literally replaced the whole keyboard for LESS than the flat AppleCare fee (insurance included). After getting scammed by ethnic Surrey “tech geeks” for a less than stellar clean job and was charged diagnostics fee BEFORE they even attempted to try cleaning and the keycaps still sticky afterwards. My loss is your gain, Id happy to work with Sam again. A pleasure of service.
Bernardo PeresBernardo Peres
08:08 29 Jun 24
Excellent experience !
Nicholas WilliamsonNicholas Williamson
19:01 28 Jun 24
Quick cheap and painless.
Sarah BoyerSarah Boyer
02:14 25 Jun 24
Sam is excellent! Friendly, honest and professional. Had a battery replaced on my 2015 macbook pro and the work was done in less than an hour.
Paul ShenPaul Shen
22:05 22 Jun 24
What a professional, efficient, and cost-effective service. Just a brief inquiry about the symptoms of my Mac (2015) allowed for an accurate diagnosis of the problem in just one day, making my computer feel like new. It was amazing!Previously, I sent my computer to a well-known mall for testing. It took a whole day to determine the problem, and the proposed solution was no better than buying a new one.Professional, efficient and cost-effective service. Just verbally asking about the symptoms on your computer (2015 Mac) can determine exactly what the problem is. It was fixed in one day and my computer looks like new. It's really great! Previously, I sent my computer to a famous shopping mall for testing. It took me a day but I couldn't determine the problem. The solution I was given was worse than buying a new one.
Megan WMegan W
01:11 21 Jun 24
Sam was super helpful and patiently explained things to me! Said he would only charge me if he could fix it and he was able to! Would definitely recommend.
Emily BlivenEmily Bliven
17:49 20 Jun 24
Genius Bar WHO?I had an excellent experience here this week after my old MacBook Air randomly stopped working. Sam replaced the logic board in just about a day’s time and the pricing was very reasonable. My MacBook is as good as new!I wouldn’t hesitate to come here again. Thank you!
Elizabeth BarnesElizabeth Barnes
22:38 17 Jun 24
My iMac was crashing every 5 or 10 minutes and a friend recommended I have the hard drive replaced. I took it to the shop he recommended, they replaced the hard drive, and I began to have the same problem a few days later. The shop who had done the repair told me they were not responsible for the problem since I had specifically asked them to replace the hard drive. This was not true. I had asked them to see if this was the problem first. I took my iMac to Sam at Vancouver Mac Service Centre, he determined that the problem was with my power supply, replaced it, and even extended the warranty on the repair to be sure the problem doesn’t come up again. It’s running fine now with no crashes. I couldn’t be happier with the service.
Rayna ScottRayna Scott
22:26 14 Jun 24
This is a great place to go if you need service on your Mac. I called to ask about a battery replacement for my 2015 MacBook Air, as it had reached the end of its battery cycle. Sam was friendly on the phone and booked me in right away. He replaced my battery while I waited and has let me know this will add years to my laptop’s life, which makes me very happy. Sam followed up with me a few weeks later to make sure everything was running smoothly and working well, which it is. I highly recommend going to see Sam! He will take good care of you and your Mac.
Xavier ColamarcoXavier Colamarco
07:08 06 Jun 24
Sam was amazing! He skillfully replaced my 2019 MacBook Pro display and I couldn’t be happier with the results. His service was top-notch, and he’s always ready to help with any other tech needs. I highly recommend him! 100%. Sam you are my number one guy for this kind of tech problems
Ramona SharmaRamona Sharma
02:54 06 Jun 24
I just had my MacBook Pro 2017 repaired at Vancouver Mac Service Centre Ltd., and I couldn't be more happy with my experience. They fixed the flexgate issue, resolved my sticky keyboard problem, and replaced the battery. The entire process was seamless and stress-free. Sam went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect; he was incredibly nice and helpful with excellent communication throughout the whole process. I felt like I didn't even have to lift a finger! Not only was the service quick, but it was also very affordable. I highly recommend these guys - truly top-notch service!
Marisa GrizenkoMarisa Grizenko
19:30 04 Jun 24
Excellent service. Sam fixed my laptop super quickly (within the day), and it's been working great every since.
Jacqueline KhoJacqueline Kho
23:17 30 May 24
Such a great experience! Sam is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and had my laptop fixed and ready the same day. Can't recommend this place enough for anyone who needs their mac fixed!
Vancouver Mac Service Centre is probably the best Mac service center in town. In simple words, they are trustworthy, humble, and honest!had a serious booting issue with my 2017 MacBook. First, I went to Best Buy, (since we bought a laptop (Windows) for my wife from their and got additional service support) without any chance of recovering my files and gave me a shocking estimate.I decided to find a more reliable repair center and luckily found Vancouver Mac Service Centre, which had almost 100% positive reviews.I contacted Sam, who greeted me warmly and invited me to the store. Even without an appointment, I waited less than 10 minutes. Sam, who is nice, genuine, honest, and down-to-earth person, quickly scanned my Mac, identified the issue, and explained everything clearly. He also gave me hope for file recovery. He requested a day to fix it and delivered as promised. The cost was under 250 CAD, including SSD replacement and file recovery.It's been over a month now, and my Mac is running perfectly. Many thanks to Sam, a straightforward and honest guy who worked his magic. I highly recommend this place for all Apple-related repairs. There are no hidden charges, and everything is transparent. If you need a reliable service, go straight to Sam. He'll take care of everything.Cheers!
Miss MeeshMiss Meesh
04:38 24 May 24
I went here to get a battery replacement for my 10-year-old Macbook and I’m happy with the service. The price was reasonable and they were done in under an hour. Recommend!
Ian DrummondIan Drummond
22:45 23 May 24
Sam was great. Repaired my Mac in short order. Everyone in the store was polite and friendly. Will take my Mac back to the with any future issues!
Nicky GrunfeldNicky Grunfeld
17:20 17 May 24
Sam was so helpful, kind and honest. Highly recommend! Thank you!
Kenny JiKenny Ji
01:14 14 May 24
Sam is really helpful and helped me deal with my apple Mac book pro problems and he did it really quick for me. He is really good with logic boards issue and is probably better at other things too. I recommend him highly as he did a good job.
Jayde JarvisJayde Jarvis
22:11 13 May 24
Great service!! Quick and cheapest in the Vancouver area, my MacBook is like new. 10/10!!
Jay HoJay Ho
02:01 12 May 24
Sam had really great knowledge of the MacBook keyboard issue we were having. He was very good at explaining the process and the timeline for the repair. They gave a straight and fair price. I would recommend them to repair your Apple devices that are out of Apple Care or warranty.
NaingHtoo ChunNaingHtoo Chun
23:58 10 May 24
They fixed my M1 Pro 14 inch with a broken and messed up logic board in a few days. The previous shop i went did a lot of damage to my logic board and they couldn’t fix it, even cracking my screen. Sam here, identified all the mess they made. He also offered me a discount on the screen repair and he managed to finish fixing my laptop in a day. Thanks alot Sam😊
Max SladeMax Slade
04:27 07 May 24
Super helpful. Nothing unexpected. Great advice. Had my battery installed in 20 minutes. Replaced the rubber foot on the bottom of my MacBook Pro without even asking or charging extra.
Samuel GuerreroSamuel Guerrero
23:10 06 May 24
Crystal KerrCrystal Kerr
21:38 03 May 24
Dylan ChapdelaineDylan Chapdelaine
19:04 01 May 24
They were very helpful, took me through the issues, and showed me how and what to do to fix my problems if they came up again. It was a simple fix so they gave me no charge even when I offered because of how happy I was they fixed my computer. Highly recommend
Jy HarrisJy Harris
22:29 28 Apr 24
I'd first heard about Sam through some friends who went far out of their way to have their Macs serviced by him. My curiosity was piqued, so when my Macbook decided to become ill to the gills, I brought it to Sam's Mac Hospital. Wow. I'm so glad I eventually did! I'd initially lazily brought it to a repair place around the corner from me. Without looking at my Mac, and after only vaguely listening to me stumble through what the symptoms were, the greasy proprietor claimed it would cost $900 to fix. If he seemed even a bit less shifty, I might have believed him. Luckily, this caused me to realize that travelling to the fabled Sam for a second opinion was probably worthwhile. It was worth more than many whiles. Sam diagnosed the issue (which was not at all what the greasy goon claimed), clearly explaining the specific woes in detail, & very swiftly repaired my ill lil' Mac; final cost? $240. I've brought my computers to Sam whenever they feel woozy & he boosts their immune systems and massages them back into fine spirits. He is without doubt the most honest person I've dealt with in service & repair, where many of us are vulnerable by virtue of a vast knowledge deficit. It's such a relief to know that anytime I need trustworthy, thorough & cost appropriate repair, I need not be deceived by unscrupulous ne'er-do-wells of the greasy variety; I have Sam: An altruistic saint floating above a sea of sleaze :)Julian 'Jy' Harris
John StoltzJohn Stoltz
01:58 24 Apr 24
I had what we thought was an hard drive issue. Turned out it was a software problem. Sam was super helpful, very knowledgeable, concise, organized and honest. He even sent me home with MacBook Air so that my wife could work.This is the best place in town for computer repair. I recommend it with 10 out of 5 stars!!
Danny WalkerDanny Walker
21:29 20 Apr 24
I needed help with older MacBook ... battery and charging issues. I called and contacted Sam. Very prompt. I went to his store and he diagnosed it right while i was there and identified 3 issues, and gave me a price to repair... I feel a very fair price to me. And he will do them in an order in case the last issue would be resolved by one of the first issues he fixes. He proceeded and kept me informed and ordered a new battery, and he had everything repaired by mid-day the very next day. Very personable and easy to talk and listen to. I recommend Sam and Vancouver Mac Service 100%. Thank you Sam
Cameron RossCameron Ross
15:27 20 Apr 24
Excellent experience! Highly recommended. Sent a macbook in and it was done and returned faster than I thought possible at a very fair price.
faagun kangfaagun kang
00:47 18 Apr 24
Very helpful and reassuring! I usually never write reviews but this place deserves one . I had a cracked display and was feeling very anxious, especially after apple customer care said they'd charge 800$ for repair and take forever. Sam fixed my laptop in less than a few hours for a very reasonable price! Very reliable and genuine repairs.
faagun kangfaagun kang
00:47 18 Apr 24
Very helpful and reassuring! I usually never write reviews but this place deserves one . I had a cracked display and was feeling very anxious, especially after apple customer care said they'd charge 800$ for repair and take forever. Sam fixed my laptop in less than a few hours for a very reasonable price! Very reliable and genuine repairs.
Tania SharmaTania Sharma
22:21 17 Apr 24
I recently availed service from Vancouver Mac Centre to fix my Mac's broken display screen, and I couldn't be more impressed. Not only did Sam manage to rectify the issue swiftly, but he also did so with remarkable skill and expertise. What truly stood out was the fact that he completed the job in just a day, minimizing any inconvenience on my end. Moreover, the charges for the repair were incredibly reasonable, making the entire experience more satisfying. I highly recommend Sam to anyone in need of quality tech assistance. His professionalism, efficiency, and affordability make him a top choice in the field.
Tania SharmaTania Sharma
22:21 17 Apr 24
I recently availed service from Vancouver Mac Centre to fix my Mac's broken display screen, and I couldn't be more impressed. Not only did Sam manage to rectify the issue swiftly, but he also did so with remarkable skill and expertise. What truly stood out was the fact that he completed the job in just a day, minimizing any inconvenience on my end. Moreover, the charges for the repair were incredibly reasonable, making the entire experience more satisfying. I highly recommend Sam to anyone in need of quality tech assistance. His professionalism, efficiency, and affordability make him a top choice in the field.
Dimitri BourasDimitri Bouras
19:26 15 Apr 24
Excellent, expedited, highest-quality and reasonably priced professional service for replacing my MacBook battery.
Migz MillenaMigz Millena
19:10 15 Apr 24
Keith HamiltonKeith Hamilton
19:09 15 Apr 24
Repaired a MacBook I spilt coffee on!Very efficient and friendlyGreat valueVery highly recommend .
monika chenmonika chen
20:09 07 Apr 24
Had cracked and frozen on MacBook Air the screen. We went an authorized retail shops in North Van, were told the whole screen needs to be replaced. Waited for the part anxiously and hopelessly for days. We are glad and very lucky we’ve decided to drive 40 min to Vancouver Mac Service Centre after reading all the good reviews. Sam was able to repair it and we got our good as new MacBook Air back the next day with a very reasonable price !!! Sam is our hero !!!!! Definitely highly recommended!!!
Jeff WaiJeff Wai
02:57 05 Apr 24
Great service. I got my old MacBook battery replaced here. Everything works perfectly. Sam is amazing.
eternal nowridereternal nowrider
21:36 03 Apr 24
Main GuyMain Guy
23:53 02 Apr 24
Sam was great. He replaced my Mac battery efficiently and it’s still running well 6 weeks later, and I expect it to continue to run well for a very long time.
Aaron HaoAaron Hao
19:38 29 Mar 24
Best repair center in Vancouver. Sam is super fast with his work and does it perfectly. I noticed a tiny hairline crack in my new screen after two days and Sam took it back no problem and fixed it again!
Kevin KeateKevin Keate
19:10 27 Mar 24
I would have given them 10 stars if I could. I idiotically left my magnet charger on top of my m1 Mac air. That killed the screen. I brought it in and Sam said he could replace the screen. Work is flawless.He texted me updates daily. Give this business a shot if your Mac is busted.
christie dakinchristie dakin
14:35 23 Mar 24
I was very happy with the service I received from this store. Sam is very good at what he does and was willing and able to help me. I highly recommend him for any MacBook hardware issues. And his colleague can repair your phone.Excellent service!
Matthew WoodsMatthew Woods
18:46 22 Mar 24
Leif BuendiaLeif Buendia
18:43 22 Mar 24
My macbook suffered liquid damage and Sam saved me $1100! He's honest, very nice and fixed my mabook in 24 hours. Don't waste your time booking an appointment with an apple "genius".
Marko VlahovicMarko Vlahovic
23:28 21 Mar 24
Sam did a great job repairing my Mac book pro. He changed the battery the same day. The service was on point and the Mac book pro is working great now . Overall, a great experience!
22:49 21 Mar 24
One of my Macs have had battery issues for the last couple of years and I finally decided to fix it. After looking around for a bit I realized that this place is probably a lot cheaper and more efficient than places like London drugs or even Apple store, so I took a shot.The cost was significantly lower than I expected and my 2017 Macbook Pro battery was replaced in 30 minutes, I didnt even manage to finish my running errands before I had to return.Several weeks later and I am absolutely satisfied with the job done, they also replaced one of my buttons free of charge.Great Service, Great Quality, Highly Recommend!
Fraser LayfieldFraser Layfield
22:28 21 Mar 24
Exceptional service with Sam! I got MacBook's battery replaced under 40 minutes during a lunch break. He pointed out other physical issues I had that I did not notice too. I'll highly recommend this service center for well-priced and efficient repairs!
CK MasseyCK Massey
01:08 20 Mar 24
I came to the shop seeking a repair for what another technician diagnosed as a faulty logic board in my Macbook Pro (2021). Sam took the time to investigate the issue, which turned out to be a more minor (and less costly) repair. Sam was friendly, professional, and had my laptop fixed and returned to me within a few days. I highly recommend this shop!
Robbie BernsteinRobbie Bernstein
17:13 18 Mar 24
Sam is exceptional and truly the best! Apple Pacific Center quoted me over $ 880 plus tax to replace my keyboard and Sam repaired it the same day for only $ 250 plus tax! Sam is incredible and trustworthy. I highly recommend him.
Everything you read about this place is true. Exceptional service, reasonable prices. Sam repaired my MacBook Pro suffering from flexgate (screen stage lighting). He even followed up a couple of months later to ensure all was good. Nobody does that these days except these people do.
Dawson ProceeDawson Procee
20:27 16 Mar 24
Great service at a fair price
Scrub DepotScrub Depot
21:45 13 Mar 24
Great service, screen was fixed same day.
Marilyn KMarilyn K
00:36 09 Mar 24
Super helpful and honest service. Saved me from buying a new computer!
Vince NVince N
20:10 07 Mar 24
Quick, fast, knowledgeable, super nice guy.Thanks Sam!
dan hendersondan henderson
21:20 16 Feb 24
Incredible service!! The screen on my mac air went black and I was told by 2 other well known retailers that parts were not available as was an older mac , and my options were to buy a new one or find someone who could find the parts .. Called Sam and he told me if he couldn't fix it, there would be no charge.About a day later I got a call from Sam that my mac was ready for pick up.It now works perfect !!! He even cleaned it and now looks brand new.A few weeks later he even did a follow up call to see if it was working fine. Thats service!
Quinn MQuinn M
04:04 16 Feb 24
Sam revived an old MacBook of mine for a better price than what Apple quoted me. It feels as good as new. Great work!Absolutely would recommend this place to any of my friends who are experiencing Mac issues :^)
Sergey KonovalovSergey Konovalov
06:22 13 Feb 24
Had problem with "butterfly" key on my MacBook Pro. Luckily only the cap was damaged, but not the mechanism itself, so was fixed in a matter of minutes. Very friendly and professional communication over the phone and in person. Highly recommend this service.
Rben CstelRben Cstel
02:50 08 Feb 24
I am grateful for the excellent service I did receive and Vancouver Mac Service Centre ("VMSC") The actual price, the service and the quality cannot compare with any other Mac Service. I did check all over Vancouver and VMSC was the best price, but it does not only stop there, after arriving I was surprise with how clean and spacious was the space compare with the other stores I visited. But it was not only the best price, the best store but also and more important rhe best service, Sam the person who help me was beyond knowledgeable but also honest and kind. He ended up dropping my laptop at my place. My laptop works better than ever in a long time thanks to Sam and Vancouver Mac Service Centre.I am really grateful to find this Mac service, it is unique.
Earl OliverEarl Oliver
00:53 01 Feb 24
I'm a long-time, repeat customer and have always received great repair service. Sam does great, honest work and I highly recommend his Mac repair services.
Patrick CanalesPatrick Canales
01:01 28 Jan 24
Amazing customer service & Great price. 90 day warranty. Sam was fantastic. Explained everything, had my computer back in 30mins. This is my go-to place for anything Apple Repair!
Tim HenthorneTim Henthorne
06:42 25 Jan 24
I have an older mac book pro and needed a battery. Apple doesn't have one, Best Buy doesn't, Simply computing doesn't but Sam had one. He also set up an appointment quickly and changed it while I waited. Laptop now works great, he provided friendly, helpful service. Highly recommend him.
Stephen BStephen B
02:06 25 Jan 24
Sam repaired the logic board on my MacBook Pro. His shop is clean, well organized, and he’s very professional. The price was fair and a month later my laptop is still going strong. Highly recommend visiting for all your Mac needs.
07:10 23 Jan 24
If you have a broken Macbook, THIS is the place you need to go.My son's 2021 14-inch Macbook Pro all of a sudden stopped charging and wouldn't turn on. We brought it to apple and they quoted us around $1K for a logic board (motherboard) replacement. This was ridiculous since the computer was only 2 years old and we had taken such good care of it.THANK GOODNESS however, I found Sam and Vancouver Mac Service Centre. We saw all of the positive reviews about Sam and decided "why not?" since his diagnostic testing is free! (You don't pay unless it's fixed). Throughout the repair process, Sam kept us up to date and did not give up even though our specific repair seemed unfixable. He provided firm timelines and even offered another Macbook for my son to use for school since the repair was more complex than it seemed. Today we got the message that he had fixed our Macbook! This brought us so much relief as we really loved the Macbook and it would've been a shame for it to go to waste. Sam was also able to do the repair while keeping all of our files saved!Overall Sam was so friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and communicative throughout the whole process. His prices are also very reasonable for the amount of work he puts into the repairs. Can't recommend his shop enough! Thank you so much, Sam!
Eric HerbstreitEric Herbstreit
21:47 22 Jan 24
Overall a great experience. Turned around fixing my laptop in about a day and it was good as new. Will be recommending to others!Thanks again!
William SunWilliam Sun
21:06 22 Jan 24
CDI MassageCDI Massage
20:45 22 Jan 24
Very good tech guy, helped fixed my laptop screen for a reasonable price and very QUICKLY. Will be coming again if problem arises.
Isaiah FloresIsaiah Flores
04:57 21 Jan 24
Top tier. Best service, prices and professional advice.
Apurva MisraApurva Misra
22:56 17 Jan 24
I dripped some liquid on my keyboard and Sam did an amazing job changing the keys and Leo bringing in a component from US! He made sure I could still use the laptop while he was procuring the component, and also he is really good with communicating the details
Alberto Soriano IIIAlberto Soriano III
02:57 13 Jan 24
Title: Exceptional MacBook Pro Repair Service!I recently had the pleasure of entrusting my MacBook Pro repair to Sam Freeman, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outstanding service I received.From the moment I reached out, Sam Freeman demonstrated a high level of professionalism and technical expertise. They took the time to thoroughly assess the issues with my MacBook Pro, providing a detailed explanation of the required repairs and a transparent cost estimate.What truly sets Sam Freeman apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Throughout the repair process, I was kept well-informed about the progress, and any additional concerns or potential issues were communicated promptly.The turnaround time was remarkably quick without compromising the quality of the work. Sam Freeman showcased a profound understanding of MacBook Pro intricacies, ensuring that every aspect of the repair was meticulously addressed.Upon receiving my repaired MacBook Pro, I was genuinely impressed with the results. The device now operates flawlessly, thanks to Sam Freeman's skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail. It's evident that they take immense pride in their work, aiming for perfection in every repair.I wholeheartedly recommend Sam Freeman for anyone seeking a reliable, knowledgeable, and customer-centric professional for MacBook Pro repairs. Their exceptional service has undoubtedly earned my trust, and I wouldn't hesitate to return for any future Apple device needs. Thank you, Sam Freeman for going above and beyond to restore my MacBook Pro to its optimal functionality!
Loretta AveryLoretta Avery
01:47 29 Dec 23
Sam was super helpful replacing two laptop batteries! He’s efficient and knows what he’s doing. I would 100% recommend him for any laptop repair!!
Cristian GarcíaCristian García
06:31 23 Dec 23
Great service, fast and accurate diagnostic and resolution of the problem 💯💻🖥️, I recommended it!
00:55 15 Dec 23
Sam is very polite and also quick to fix! He helped me fix my laptop twice with reasonable price. Definitely recommend to go see him If you got an issue in your MacBook! Thank you Sam:)
Jacey ShiJacey Shi
19:18 04 Dec 23
I had an excellent experience with Sam's laptop repair service. His responsibility and passion for the job stood out. Facing laptop issues before a work trip, Sam went above and beyond by providing a courtesy laptop for the week. In the end, my laptop was returned with a new board and a repaired screen—all at a reasonable cost. Extremely satisfied with the service. 5 stars!
Melanie JayMelanie Jay
04:24 04 Dec 23
I highly recommend Sam and his services. When my Macbook fell victim to Flexgate and Apple refused to fix it, I did a quick Google search and came across Leafix Macbook Repair. Sam was quick to respond to my query and was able to have my laptop fixed the next day. He was courteous and professional through all my interactions with him and I am happy to say that my Macbook is working properly once again. If I ever have any other issues with my laptop, rest assured, I will be contacting Sam immediately. Thanks again Sam!
Ross SadoffRoss Sadoff
22:54 23 Nov 23
This was an amazing experience, he met me at the restaurant I was meeting, friends at, fix the computer and half an hour, and had it delivered back to me. Truly outstanding, you cannot ask for anymore from this outstanding service.
Joy LiJoy Li
18:35 23 Nov 23
Sam was extremely professional and quick with repairing my MacBook Pro screen! My laptop was fixed in 2 day –would highly recommend!
Yevhenii KozlovskyiYevhenii Kozlovskyi
20:34 21 Nov 23
I used this service to clean my MacBook Pro 2019. The job was done perfectly. Sam provided a detailed progress report and my laptop has been working great for several months now. I will definitely use this service the next time I need it.
Ben TuypBen Tuyp
20:46 20 Nov 23
Sam fixed my laptop promptly for a price point that was 50% below what I was expecting. Most shops simply refused to do the repair. Excellent customer service the entire way.
Jessica ChanJessica Chan
04:32 19 Nov 23
Great service! Sam fixed my laptop screen very efficiently and at an affordable price compared to other places. Would recommend:)
j4y dj4y d
00:41 19 Nov 23
hi sam so greatful that you able to fixed mymacbook pro (wont turn-on) .Sam was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient... so i gave themFive stars all the way! The service and the overall experience were outstanding. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will recommend them to everyone I know.
Austin LawrenceAustin Lawrence
01:38 18 Nov 23
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leafix MacBook Repair and the wonderful person behind it all "Sam" for his amazing support in resolving the power / sleep function issues on my MacBook Air. This is my first Apple device and it was having issues such as not shutting down and screen turning on/off randomly.Based on what I heard and seen online from folks regarding repair of Apple products, I was very skeptical on approaching any service assuming costs to be sky high and success rate to be low. I reached out to various service providers but I only received a response to my queries from Leafix so I took a leap of faith and trusted Sam's expertise. Sam was able to quickly and accurately figure out the issue within a few hours from dropping off my device and presented me with a clear solution which worked perfectly and resulted in replacing a faulty trackpad which seemed to be the culprit.Although, initially the replacement trackpad failed within a month to which I contacted Sam and he was immediately able to provide me with a new replacement again making sure the issue was completely resolved. As a customer, I appreciated the free and accurate diagnosis, Sam's expertise in resolving issues with Macbooks, timely communication and availability, post repair check in to make sure everything was working fine and also liked that the cost of various services offered were posted upfront on the website.I would encourage anyone who has issues with their Macbooks to reach out to Sam who can help make your device(s) as good as new.
Charles HadrianCharles Hadrian
20:32 17 Nov 23
I had a fantastic experience with Sam at Leafix MacBook Repair. A few months ago, I needed a MacBook battery repair, and Sam came to the rescue. He's not only a great guy but also highly skilled in his work. His communication was excellent throughout the process, and the pricing for the fix was very reasonable. I highly recommend Sam for any MacBook repair needs!
Elie BeharElie Behar
08:17 17 Nov 23
Robin BWRobin BW
20:50 02 Oct 23
I spilled a glass of water on my old 2014 macbook air and it wouldn't turn back on. I thought it was done. I contacted Sam and he was so genuinely kind, helpful and clear about what he could do, his prices and timeline. He even helped me avoid going to a popular shop downtown who wanted to charge me for work even if it didn't solve my problem, stating that it was unethical which my gut was telling me. After we met in person he cleaned the water damage and used some on hand parts to repair the logic board. My computer is now working as good as ever. I thought, being old, that it was time to get a new computer, but Sam validated that my computer was still great and that I didn't need to invest in a new one. We also shared our values and ethics around the environmental and global social impacts of technology and tech minerals aka the blood diamonds of our time (google Congo tech mineral mining to learn more). Sam is a rarity: Supremely skilled, fair, kind, ethical, communicative and authentic. I am so grateful I found him.
Michelle PhilippeMichelle Philippe
03:12 27 Sep 23
I needed the buzzing speakers in my older Macbook Pro replaced. Sam had new speakers in stock & replaced them while I waited, same day. I'm very satisfied with the low cost & fast service when I was quoted significantly more by a shop in the west end.
Ира ОксакИра Оксак
22:14 10 Sep 23
Awesome!I spilled water on my MacBook and bring it to Sam, he fixed port and check everything really fast (around 30 minutes), because I said that I need laptop at the nearest time. Service is really good and supportive, he explained everything what bothered meAbsolutely happy that I found this master and really can recommend him
Nak Yeon ChoNak Yeon Cho
00:03 28 Jul 23
This enthusiastic young professional, Sam, needs to be noticed more.I was helped with my Macbook 2012 motherboard replacement.1. Great Accessibility- Located in nearby Marine gateway Skytrain2. Quick troubleshoot & short lead-time- With a professional explanation3. Transparency in quote- Reasonable quote based on price catalogue4. Awesome after-care service & constant follow up- This is the main reason that makes me write this review- He still follows up even with after months too!I am certainly no doubt that he will be successful in this business in a near future.
00:01 20 Jun 23
you can trust him definitely!He fixed my MacBook with a broken screen in a day! I hope my review is helpful to others. Really thanks Sam!

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From screen repairs to liquid damage logic board repair, we have the equipment and expertise to handle even the most complex jobs. Extensive inventory held on-site covers the vast majority of MacBook Repairs, maximizing efficiency to provide service as quickly as possible.

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From Vancouver Mac Service Centre’s Repair Blog:

A2442 14" MacBook Pro Screen Repair
Screen repair on a 14" 2021 MacBook Pro requiring microsoldering to bypass Apple's Parts Pairing.
Speaker amplifier ICs after rework from a liquid damaged MacBook repair of an M1 MacBook Pro
A logic board repair performed on an M1 MacBook Pro following liquid damage. Full functionality was restored and all data preserved.
MacBook Screen Repair required for this cracked M1 MacBook Air.
A LCD-only display repair performed on an M1 MacBook Air. The camera and ALS module were reused, preserving True Tone functionality.
Preparing the MacBook Display Backlight cables for Flexgate Repair
Flexgate repair on a 2017 MacBook Pro having display issues due to an improperly designed backlight cable. Using a refined soldering method, the design flaw is rectified.